2016 Introductions

— 2016 Introductions —

‘Bright Before Your Eyes’ 


38” MLa RE 4” Dor Tet 3 branches with 15 buds. Gold with a maroon eye and edge. This is a knockout in the garden and the plants lined out have all rebloomed the first year. From two Apps seedlings.

‘Embarrassment of Riches’ 


39” EM 5.5” Fr Dor Tet 4 branches and 15 buds. Pink and yellow with yellow halo and edge, lighter yellow stripes on midrib. There’s a lot going on in this flower when you look at it closely. From two Apps seedlings.

‘Fashion and Finesse’ 


35” EM 5”Fr Dor Tet 5 branches and 25 buds. Salmon pink with rose eye and edge. Amazing vigor in this northern hardy beauty. From two Apps seedlings originating from Stamile and Salter lines bred into northern hardy plants.

‘Finishing School’ 


40” EM 5” VFr Dor Tet 5 branches and 16 buds. Light orange with red eye and edge, yellow to green throat. A showoff from a distance. From two Apps seedlings with Rasmussen breeding (‘Raging Tiger’ and ‘Always a Pleasure’) in their backgrounds.

‘Lavender Laudations’ 


35” M 5.5” VFr Dor Tet3 branches and 15 buds. Lavender with a light purple eye and outer edge. A good increaser with deep green foliage. Sdlg x ‘Arthur Kroll’

‘Maggie’s Magnitudes’ 


44” M 6” Dor Tet 5 branches and 33 buds. Pink apricot with a deeper throat and orange edge. It is an extremely vigorous northern hardy plant with a long season of bloom. An easy pod and pollen parent. From two Apps seedlings.

‘Always on the Sunnyside’ 


35” M 6.5” Dip Dor Unusual Form (cascade) Yellow with fulvous dusting. 5 branches and 24 buds. This is a seedling from a Korean collected plant (meeting the description of H. thunbergii) crossed with ‘Skin Walker’. The genetics of ‘Always on the Sunny Side’ offer some new possibilities in breeding diploid unusual forms. The red pigment in some fulvous dusted daylily flowers can produce red seedlings when crossed with red cultivars.

‘Star Status’ 


40” M 8” Dor Tet Unusual form (cascade). 3 branches and 15 buds. Orange red with yellow midribs and throat. Because of its flower size and color it has been quite a hit in the nursery. From two Apps seedlings going back to Dan Trimmer’s ‘Thin Man’.

‘The World of Magic’ 


36” EM 7.5” Dor Tet 3 branches and 14 buds. Purple with a yellow center and yellow flare on midrib. The overall plant is similar to ‘Star Status’. A good performer here in Central Wisconsin. From two Apps seedlings.

‘Cutie Petutie’ 


24” EMRe 3.25” Fr Dor Dip 3 branches and 14 buds. This is one of those cultivars with color somewhat determined by the temperature. It is usually a violet with deeper eye, following cooler nights the color is grayed violet. It is a rapid increaser. From two Apps seedlings

‘Baby take a Bow’ 


24” EM 3” Dor Dip 3 branches and 14 buds. Lavender pink with violet eyezone. It’s striking in a clump (Apps seedling x Lavender Blue Baby).

‘Munchkin Handiwork’


EM Re 3” Dor Dip 3 branches and 20 buds. Rose with dark red halo and yellow green throat, flower is somewhat chalice shaped. This is a cross from two seedlings with ‘Marilyn Apps’ as a grandparent. The form reminds one of ‘Marilyn Apps’ but it is a much more winter hardy plant.

‘Pompeian Mosaic’ 


28” M 3.5” Dor Dip 5 branches and 26 buds. Light violet with deep black violet eye and yellow green throat. The branching and bud count contribute to a beautiful clump The parents are Stephanie Returns crossed to an Apps Seedling.

‘Pink with a Wink’ 


27” EMRe 3.5” Dor Dip 5 branches and 15 buds. Coral with rose halo and rose veins. A very nice flower color and form for the earlier part of the daylily season and some rebloom later on. From two Apps seedlings out of ‘Dynamite Returns’

Of Thee I Sing


30” EM 5” Fr Dor Tet 3 branches and 14 buds. Light polychrome with deeper yellow throat and edge. Good plant maker with many scapes and a long season of bloom. All around good foliage and habits. Both pod and pollen fertile. A seedling from‘Gretchen Apps’ x ‘Forrestlake Ragmuffin’.