2017 Introductions

— 2017 Introductions —

Calypso Coral


32” M 5.5” Dor 4 Branches and 26 Buds. Coral with an illusionary eye and cream edge. Once in awhile a daylily hybridizer makes a cross that brings a lot of the right things together. This really is a beauty with edged ruffles and hardiness here in Wisconsin. This is a cross of two of my seedlings. I had converted Jungle Beauty and crossed it to several of the best black-red cultivars . Then I crossed that to a large red orange seedling with a yellow edge and it gave this beautiful coral color.

Church Lady Blush


35” M 5.75” Tet Dor 4 branches and 22 buds. Pale peach with darker highlights. The color is somewhat more peach during cooler mornings. From a seedling crossed with ‘Heir to the Throne’. A sturdy vigorous plant with moderate increase.

Hallelujah Choir


34” EM 5.5” Tet Dor 3 branches and 18 buds. Light yellow or cream with deeper yellow edge overlaid with very light pink, green throat. This daylily is a good parent setting seeds easily. Increase is slow to moderate. Absolutely a knockout in the garden.

Royal Decorum


36” M 6.5” Tet Dor 4 branches and 20 buds Violet with lighter watermark and yellow-green throat. This is a dark color with good sun resistance. A standout in the garden. Moderate increase and a good parent

Royal Serenade


33” ML 5.5” Tet Dor 3 branches and 16 buds. Purple with yellow-green throat and slight arrow markings on midribs. A cross of two seedlings, the pod parent ‘Broken Silence’ x 97-38 and the pollen parent, 05-742 a Tet ‘Jungle Beauty’ Sdlg. As a clump Royal Serenade is one of the heaviest bloomers in the garden.

Serial Thriller


42” EM 5.5” Tet Dor 3 branches and 12 buds.Deep burgundy with cream edge and yellow-green throat extending onto midribs. ‘Serial Thriller’ is a tall statuesque plant with blossoms facing outward perpendicular to foliage. A little more black-red than photo. It is a thriller!

Silk and Baritone


33” EM 5.5” Tet Dor 4 branches and 24 buds. Orange with deeper eye and yellow-green throat. A standout orange during the earlier part of the season. The parents are the same seedlings that produced Calypso Coral.

Zacarias Lopez


23” M 5” Dor 3 Branches and 17 buds. Light orange with deep violet eye and edge. Eye extends up midrib of petals. Orange throat with light red just before eye. Excellent performance, lots of scapes and good increase. Named for a former employee and a good friend. One of my seedlings x (Ferengi Gold x Raging Tiger)