2018 Introductions

— 2018 Introductions —



Height 45 in. (114 cm), bloom 6.5 in. (16cm), season EM, Dormant, Diploid, Fragrant, 30 buds, 6 branches, Unusual Form Cascade, Deep ruby red with large, yellow green throat, yellow extends to petal midribs. Up to 6 branches and 30 buds per scape.


‘Cowboy’s Sweetheart’ 


36” M Re 5” Dor Tet Yellow orange with bronze-violet eye and edge. Six branches and 24 buds. A cross of ‘Dragon Pinnata’ x ‘Purify My Heart’. Makes a very showy clump.


‘I’ll See You Again’ 


30” M Re 5.5” Dor Tet Salmon Pink with strong violet eye and edge. Three branches and 18 buds. From a cross of an Apps Seedling crossed to ‘Arthur Kroll. “I’ll See You Again’ has reliable rebloom here in Wisconsin and will bloom for 5-6 weeks.


‘Majestic Heights’ 


55” EM 6” Fr Dor Tet Peach melon with rose veins, green-yellow throat and petals edged with yellow. Six branches and 26 buds. From a cross of ‘Greywoods Fritzwilliam’ x ‘Cherryville’. This is a remarkable sturdy plant that is shoulder high at clump strength with many large blossoms at chin level.


‘Original Score’ 


28” MLa 5.5” Fr Dor Tet Deep red with green throat. Three branches and 18 buds. From a cross of ‘Emperor’s Royal Red’ by an Apps red seedling. One of the prettiest reds in our garden and much admired by our garden guests.


‘Struttin’ Tom’ 


36” ML 5”Fr Dor Tet A bright red self not unlike a courting tom turkey’s head and neck. Two to three branches with 12 to 15 buds . A taller sibling to ‘Original Score’ from a cross of ‘Emperor’s Royal Red’ x an Apps ret seedling.