2019 Introductions

— 2019 Introductions —


‘On the Horizon’ 


40” M 7” Dor. Tet Orange with yellow/orange throat, edged yellow with yellow running up center of petal. Three branches and 12 buds. Its seedling number is 10-192, a cross of ‘Juan Tapia’ x ‘Highland Spider’. Electrifying color and stunning in a clump.

‘Sacred Flame’ 


40” ML 6” Dor. Tet. Orange with prominent red veins, lighter orange-yellow halo, edged yellow. Three branches and 18 buds. Its seedling number is 12-70, a cross of two orange Apps Sdlgs. This is the best orange in my program. The halo helps give it distinction.

‘Boisterous Beauty’ 


30” ML 4-5” Dor.- Sev. Dip Creamy -yellow with large burgundy-red eye and tiny red liner on petals. Three branches and 16 buds. The seedling number is 10-29-3, a cross of Apps Sdlg. 06-1190 x ‘Forsyth Red Eyed Whopper Stopper’. The cross produced several beautiful seedlings but this was the hardiest of the bunch. It is at its best on the hottest days.

‘Soothing Soulmate’ 


44” ML 7.5” Unusual form (cascade) Dor. Dip. Lavender petals and sepals with a large yellow-green throat extending to petals and sepals. Four to six branches and 18-20 buds. Its seedling number is 13-242 and is from Apps seedling.03-1497 x 11-225 {Apps Sdlg. 04-109 (Heavenly Angel Ice x Regency Heights).

‘Saucy Surprise’ 


24” EM RE 4” Fr Dor. Diploid Orange with narrow contrasting red-purple halo, large green throat. Three branches and 12 buds. Its seedling number is 14-97-1 ‘Mayor of Munchkinland’ x Apps Sdlg. 00-984. This is my first introduction out of ‘Mayor of Munchkinland’ (several more are being increased). This is a vigorous grower with rebloom here in WI.

‘Sudden Smiles’ 


38” M 2.75” Fr.  Dor. Dip. Pink-mauve with deep rose eye and yellow-green throat. Four branches and 24 buds. Seedling number 13-237-1 is a cross of ‘Luther’ x Apps seedling 11-94. Outstanding as a clump with multiple flowers every day.  A beauty when combined with other plants in a perennial border.